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Will shortly open for public!

There are many attractions for foodies in Rail Heritage Park, including Punjab Mail Ali Ha-Punjab Thali Layi Ha, in addition to the rail theme. Similar to these, Ahemedabad Mail Ayi-Ha- Gujarati Thali Layi Ha, Chennai Express, and Briski Thali provide laziz flavour. Along with this comes side-by-side entertainment for railway passengers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as visitors in Agra and destination events organised from outside India.

Rail Heritage Park

We welcome you to sit back, unwind and appreciate the lovely train experience of our traditional Indian /continental food while our best gourmet experts set you up for a scrumptious dinner utilizing the best and freshest ingredient. 

Organizer, Mr. Deepak Sharma, is introducing very unique and pocket friendly restaurant in Agra, Delhi which is closest to Agra station so the people can enjoy the delicious Indian traditional food during their visit to Agra as well as their train journey. We are offering special Indian food menu along with the festival food, fasting food, diet food etc.


Architectural view of the Project*